DWJ Vendor Alliance Program

A partnership with DWJ Capital gives you the benefits of an internal finance company without the cost and risk. We act as your financial arm, working with your customer to structure the best finance plan for him or her. We handle all of the details, leaving your people free to get more business. We give you a cash sale with no contingent exposure, AND we pay you within one day of verification of equipment delivery!!!

The DWJ Difference:






  • The DWJ Vendor Alliance Program works closely with your sales force to close deals, expedite purchase orders, documentation, and provide information and guidance on leasing issues. Our DWJ Vendor Alliance Program is a tool that your sales staff can use while selling to a prospective customer. When your customer’s are ready to buy or even thinking about it, DWJ Capital can be ready to finance it. It will speed up your sales cycle and take the customer who is on the fence straight to closing the deal!

  • It is our Commitment to help grow the Sales and Profits of each Vendor/Partner we work with.”

Our services include:

  • Immediate lock up of sale
  • Reduce lost sales due to lack of financing
  • Pre-approvals for clients
  • Up-selling potential based on financing available
  • Fast turnaround of credit applications
  • Competitive rates
  • Private label programs
  • Prompt credit decisions
  • Progress payments/pre funding available
  • Special lease structures provided when needed
  • Prompt and professional customer service
  • All paper work completed quickly upon application approval
  • Increased Profits for your company (more effective sales equals less overhead and more profits)

Benefits of Dealing with DWJ Capital

  • We offer an "Application only" program for transactions from $ 5,000 to $150,000 for commercial customers and up to $250,000 for healthcare customers.
  • Credit decisions are about a few hours, guaranteed by 24 hours
  • Invoice payments can be sent by wire transfer at your request and at no cost to you.
  • Progress payments or pre-funding are available to speed orders and cash flow.
  • Custom payment plans can be created to suit your customer's needs.
  • Equipment upgrades can be added to the lease at a later date. You control the process when your customer needs new equipment.
  • Creative ways to partner with DWJ Capital on Fair Market Value Leases. When you lease with DWJ Capital you can participate in the residual value of the leased equipment. This is a substantial added feature not usually available from other leasing sources.