Equipment Financing

Leasing equipment has specific advantages over other types of financing or purchasing with cash. DWJ Capital will give you a clear understanding of when to use lease financing that will help you when considering the acquisition of equipment crucial to your company’s success. If you are looking for financial flexibility for at least several years, want your business to stay on the leading edge of technology, want to conserve your cash for emergency or for other business expansions, and want great tax benefits, than read the next four areas. These four areas will help you understand the benefits of equipment leasing versus using cash.




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Cash Flow Management
NO Down Payments                                                                                                                             With an equipment lease, there is no down payment and typically one or two payments are collected up front. This ranges from 2-6% of the equipment cost. By conserving the down payment and financing 100%, this will allow you to allocate more to your business verses into the lease or loan.

Lower Monthly Payments
Equipment leasing, in most instances, provides lower payments than with a bank loan. DWJ Capital tailors your payments to your financing and leasing needs and can be adjusted by lengthening or shortening the term of the lease. Leasing allows us to provide a customized payment plan that can be tailored to your cash flow, your budget, and the cycle of your business. Whether you are a seasonal business or not, the flexibility will allow your business extra cash flow during the year.

Up-Front Costs
When acquiring equipment other incidental costs such as sales tax and installation charges can be put into the lease financing. If the equipment is purchased with cash, these costs need to be paid up front and can be significant. Leasing allows you to include costs such as training, maintenance, installation, and other soft costs. (Consult with your DWJ Capital specialist to confirm the type of soft cost you are considering)

State of the Art Technology
Ability to Update Equipment
If you choose a residual-based or fair-market value lease, lease financing transfers some of the risk of obsolescence to the leasing company.

This happens in two ways.
First, you pick a term duration that offers you comfort. If you think the equipment will be obsolete in two years you pick a 24 month term.

Second, at the end of equipment leases you are able to choose to
1) return the equipment,
2) renew the lease, or
3) purchase the equipment.

  1. With commercial equipment leasing and financing you have the flexibility to make your choice at the end of the lease term. If you choose to return the equipment, the leasing company then assumes the ownership, leaving you free to obtain up-to-date equipment. DWJ Capital has a variety of end of lease options that give you the opportunity to pick the option that best fits your needs.

Tax Benefits/Savings

  1. Deductibility of Lease Payments
    In most cases, the full amount of each lease payment is deductible for tax purposes. (Consult your tax advisor to make sure the type of equipment lease you are entering into allows for a tax benefit) In some cases, this deduction from an equipment lease is higher and may have more advantages than the depreciation benefits of ownership.

Flexibility and Convenience 

  1. Equipment Funding Time made Quick & Easy
    Approval time is within 24 hours or most of the time same day. You can also complete the process quicker which is important if you need your equipment by a specific date. DWJ Capital offers, free of charge, a Relationship Manager who will coordinate the details with your equipment vendor to make sure your lease is completed in the timeframe needed.

Flexible Payment Options
DWJ Capital will work with each company separately and tailor a payment plan that best fits your operational requirements. Working through the term and payment options will help create the best lease for your company.

Application-Only Lease Program
DWJ Capital’s Application-Only Lease Program is an effortless solution for anyone acquiring equipment. In this hectic world that we live in, a one page form is a painless, yet effective option. With a One-Page application, businesses can obtain up to $150,000 usually within 24 hours. A simple credit evaluation is conducted using commercial and personal credit bureaus depending on the size and ownership structure of the business.

  • Transaction size - $5,000 - $150,000
  • Up to $250,000 under the Medical Program
  • Application - 1 page application to review business or consumer credit reports
  • Term length - 24-72 months
  • Buy outs - Fair Market Value, $1, 10%
  • Payment types - Monthly, Quarterly, Seasonal, Cash Flow Based
  • Equipment types - Most new or used business equipment, furniture, vehicles, software, etc.

DWJ Capital works with companies across the United States to provide leasing, financing, and other products to help them run and grow their business. A dedicated Relationship Manager works personally with customers to construct the best financial solutions.